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Worlds Hardest Game 2

The reason why developers make game sequels is because the game becomes extremely popular. Millions of people play Worlds Hardest Game and it was logical to make the game sequel. However, game developer didn’t bother with the obvious stuff like game theme, graphical improvements, changes in gameplay (only slight changes). The only difference in gameplay process is an additional obstacle; Obstacles were hard enough in part one, however, developers made the primary tasks slightly easier (cause many people kept whining about it) and to compensate that, they’ve added a second task – now to clear the level, player must collect all coins on the screen. This may sound a little scary but people who have played both games agree that first part is considerably harder than WHG 2.

In the end, WHG is fun to play, especially the challenge mode with friends to see who beats more levels and with how many deaths. You can play both, WHG and WHG 2 on website, if you’re stuck you can always find walkthroughs for all levels on YouTube of Vimeo. Good luck and have fun.

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Don’t panic, it’s only a game title, Worlds Hardest Game is definitely not the hardest in the world, on the contrary it is really nice game, with addicting gameplay. However, No smoke without fire right? The game really is hard; though, difficult games usually cause frustration in gamers and they give up early. In the Worlds Hardest Game, game developer managed to minimize the amount of unpleasant moments.

WHG is a skill game, avoider game like a maze in which you control a square dot; goal of the game is to escape the level at all costs. Sounds easy right? However, obstacles are getting in your way; small circles moving around are the only obstacles in the worlds hardest game 1. All you have to do is get past these obstacles and exit the level. It is harder then it seems but not impossible. Good thing is, if you actually like the game, you’ll be spending a lot of time with it since there are 20 individual levels in it and it doesn’t get easier on the way. Besides, if by any chance you manage to beat the entire game, there is a sequel too with 50 levels and also Worlds Hardest Game 3 is on its way and we'll keep you updated.

Worlds Hardest Game – Scary Maze Game?

For unknown reasons, people think of Worlds Hardest Game as a part of Scary Maze Game, but there is no obvious reason why. There is a huge difference between these 2, SMG is not a game to begin with, it is a popular internet joke designed to scare the xrap out of people. Picture this, there is a flash maze game, in which player controls a small dot, goal is to bring the dot to the end of the maze; walls of the maze narrow down as player advances, making it harder to achieve the goal. The point is, Scary Maze Game makes you to forget about everything else but the current task, focuses all you attention to it and BUM, this is when it happens: scary picture from the movie Exorcist pops up suddenly screaming… people usually go into a shock because of this, don’t believe it? YouTube scary maze game reactions and watch videos… Despite the conceptual differences, most people associate WHG with SMG games, but if you ask them, nobody really knows why.

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